Offspring Bangle with Charm, Silver

Offspring Bangle with Charm, Silver

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Using two interlocking shapes - the smaller one protected by the larger - the Offspring collection tells a clear story about the unbreakable power of love and interdependence. Inspired by the unique bond between mother and child, the pieces can just as strongly represent the ties between siblings, partners and friends. Jacqueline Rabun’s emotional and symbolic pieces have a timeless beauty that allow familial bonds to also be celebrated as the jewellery is passed down through from generation to generation.

    • Item number: 2000013300M (10013289)
    • Materials: Sterling Silver
    • Circumference: M: 195 mm / 7.68 inches
    • Launch year: 2018

    • Collection: Offpsring


Offspring Collection

Designer Jacqueline Rabun celebrates the bond between mother and child in the stunning Offspring collection. The rings, necklaces and bracelets in 18kt gold and sterling silver take inspiration from the shape of the egg, resulting in a striking collection of meticulously designed jewellery.



Georg Jensen