Daydreaming Sun Necklace Large, Gold

Daydreaming Sun Necklace Large, Gold

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Motif: Approximately 18mm across, 18mm tall.
This necklace comes on a 16''- 18'' adjustable chain.

All Manom jewellery is handmade in our studio in London.


Materials: Plated with 22ct fairmined gold on sterling silver.

Product Code: SMN7/GP

Collection: The Sun & the Moon


 The  Story of the Sun and the Moon

That was a long time ago, the sun and moon float companionably in the sky, bringing love, light and laughter to one another and the magical world they illuminate.  

One day the sun felt lonely and sad as he discovered was

no longer floating alongside the happy moon and could not find her anywhere.

Transformed into a golden giraffe with a little help from a witch in the Yogelherp Forest, he stretched his neck higher and higher into the night sky until he bumped into his favourite friend the moon,

and shining alongside her once more.  

Discover a radiant collection of earrings and necklaces, inspired by one of the tales

from Manom creations which tells of the magical night they had in the yogelherp forest. 

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