Triple Petal Necklace, 9ct Yellow Gold

Triple Petal Necklace, 9ct Yellow Gold

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This dainty and delicate necklace is perfect for everyday wear and features a beautiful diamond flower, with two intricate filigree petals alongside a unique grey rose cut diamond. Layer it with our full bloom necklace and diamond flower necklace for ultimate style points.

Fine jewellery designed and made in the UK.

Material: Recycled 9ct gold necklace
Centre Stone: 0.15ct rose cut diamond
Pendant Size: 2.1 x 1cm
Chain: Gold chain – 18″ length/23cm drop with adjustable loop at 16.5″ (46-42cm)
Gold shackle clasp fastening
Product: NP72
Collection: Floral Fragments


Floral Fragments

“A magnificent flower slowly wilting and occasionally dropping a petal, its brilliance fading, its stalk bending ever lower.”

Comment on the Mughal Empire. Stuart Cary Welch. India: Art & Culture 1300-1900. 1985.

FLORAL FRAGMENTS celebrates the disintegrating beauty found within the fading monuments of India. It is inspired by the ancient floral paintings that adorn the walls of the Rani Mahal in Bundi, Rajasthan. Once a palace built for the wives and mistresses of the original rulers, it is now an abandoned fort overgrown and overrun with wild monkeys.

Echoing the allure Natalie sees in the decaying murals and broken patterns of the fort, the collection is built around a fragmented floral pattern which represents strength, completeness and femininity for the wearer. Depicted in delicate gold filigree and embellished with diamonds it hints at the palace’s forgotten grandeur and imagines the jewellery treasures of the women who once lived there. 

Natalie Perry Jewellery | Bohemian Fine Jewellery Handcrafted in the UK