Sleeping Hare Gold Stud Earrings

Sleeping Hare Gold Stud Earrings

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‘Slow and Steady wins the Race’

The energetic and confident Hare curls up to take a nap in his race against the tortoise, in this pair of elegant stud earrings. In ‘Fables’, every treasure has a tale to tell and a lesson to be learnt.


Our Sleeping Hare Stud Earrings have been handmade by our expert jewellers in Sterling Silver, with the option of licensed Fairmined Gold Plate. This plating has been responsibly sourced from the Iquira Mine in the Huila region of Columbia.

Passed down over centuries of storytelling, our Fables collection sees Alex and our design team craft a glittering world of folklore and morality inspired by the age-old wisdom of Aesop.

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Sterling Silver with 22ct Gold Plate
0.9 cm
1.3 cm
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